Focus 0.1

Space-time bending platforming


  • Great concept
  • Excellent game physics
  • Good music


  • Too hard!


Focus is a 50 stage platformer, which requires jumping, teleportation, lightening fast reactions, and pin-point accuracy.

With it's basic ball-shaped character and black background with brown platforms, Focus seems very average for the first couple of rooms, but then you are given your focus power. This pops a glowing blue ball around your character. You can aim with in or around the edge of the blue area, and when you let focus go, your character will teleport to that spot.

The further you teleport, the more momentum you have in that direction too, so you can use the focus power to launch yourself over un-jumpable gaps, and well at through walls and out of the way of approaching missiles! The focus power is introduced nicely over a few levels, and you soon feel totally at home using it. Unfortunately, at that point the difficulty starts to ramp up quite severely.

Later levels require incredibly quick reactions and problem solving to complete. Luckily there are unlimited lives, though some players are sure to get put off eventually. Homing missiles that you have to trick into destroying targets without getting hit yourself are one thing, but the speed you have to do this sometimes is insane! This is maybe not a surprise, as the developer, Jessie Venbrux is also the author of You Probably Won't Make It! Hard games is obviously his thing!

Focus is a great idea, but the difficulty level needs some tweaking to become a genuinely enjoyable experience!

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